Regulator Boats

Ultimate Fishability & Incredible Comfort

Regulator boats are seriously tough sportfishers known for their exceptional fit & finish, as well as a dry, soft, and comfortable ride. Designed for ultimate fishability, incredible comfort, and serious performance at every turn, each boat delivers maximum versatility as you pursue the offshore life.

The strength of the hull with its signature stringer system works as one solid piece to eliminate much of the stress at the deck, liner, and hull joints. Made from composite core, not wood, Regulator's stringer stands out from the rest.

The most important detail? This entire process occurs when the stringer and hull are inside the mold to deliver the extra strength, stability, and bonding that ensures maximum performance. The power of one solid hull is ultimately felt offshore. When nothing is moving beneath your feet, you know you are on a boat built to handle the high seas.

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